Vedic Art

Vedic art is developped by the swedish artist Curt Källman.
He created a method in wich he combined painting with Vedic Art.
In this way of painting you use your intuition and meditation to connect you with your inner self. 
The old Veda's thought us that everything we need to know is already within ourselfs, its human nature.
The seventien steps of Vedic art teaches you to activate this (hidden) knowledge to create furtile soil forming the base in which you can paint.

It doesn't matter if you have any experience in painting.
While you are painting you revive your feelings, you start getting closer and closer to yourself and at the same time you develop a process of creation. On that moment live and art melt together and become one. 


After the basic course of Vedic art I took in august 2014, I developped a new way of painting. the paintings I created in this way I call waterworks.
This is because my main source of inspiration lays within the water (the sea ) and i use a lot of water to create my paintings.